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Standard Operating Guidelines (SOG's)

  Building Evacuation Link
  Contractor Acknowledgement Link
  Fire Prevention Plan Link
  Hazardous Communications Program Link
  Infection Control Link
  Injury Exposure Reporting Link
  Personal Protective Equipment Link
  Safety Glasses Link
  Safety Link
  Tuberculosis and Respiratory Protection Link

Personnel Information
  EMT - Basic Link
  EMT - Intermediate Link
  EMT - Paramedic Link
  FTO Job Description Link
  Chief Trainer Job Description Link
  Chief Trainer Job Description (Spec. Svcs.) Link
  Crew Chief Job Description Link
  Crew Chief Job Description (Spec. Svcs.) Link
  Shift Supervisor Job Description Link
  Specialty Services Coordinator Link
  Logistics Technician Link
  QA Officer Job Description Link
  Training Officer Job Description Link
  EMS Manager Job Description Link
  Performance Appraisal - Full Time Field Technician Link
  Performance Appraisal - Chief Trainer Link
  Performance Appraisal - Crew Chief Link
  Performance Appraisal - Shift Supervisor Link
  Performance Appraisal - Speciality Service Coordinator Link
  Performance Appraisal - Logistics Technician Link
  Performance Appraisal - QA Officer Link
  Performance Appraisal - Training Officer Link

Training SOG's
  Continuing Education Link
  Extended Leave Link
  Remediation Link
  Student Observer Policy Link
  Student Observer Checklist Link
  Student Observer Forms Link

Vehicle SOG's
  Property Damage Notification Form Link
  Vehicle Accidents Link
  Fuel Purchase Link
  Vehicle Maintenance Link
  Operation of Vehicles for County Business Link
  Vehicle Operations Link

General SOG's  
  Add, Delete, Modify SOG Link
  Annual Leave Requests Link
  Base Duties Link
  Call Outcome Definitions Link
  Cardiac Catheterization Stand-By Link
  Civil Leave Link
  Compensation for Outside Employment Link
  Completion of Patient Care Report Link
  Controlled Substances Link
  Employee Conduct Link
  Employee Notification Link
  Flying the Flag Link
  Forcible Entry Link
  ID Badges Link
  Incident Command Link
  Inter-facility Air Transport Link
  Meals Link
  Medical Examiner Transports Link
  Medical Necessity Link
  Neonatal Procedure Link
  Notification of EMS Manager Link
  Off-Duty Employees Link
  On-Call Call-Back Pay Link
  Phone Calls Link
  Prisoner Restraing Procedure Link
  Radio Communications Link
  Release of Information to the Media Link
  Reserve Employees Link
  Response Guidelines Link
  Special Events Link
  Staffing Guidelines Link
  Stand-Bys Link
  Substitution of Time Worked and
Make up of Leave Time
  Supervision Link
  Tactical Radio Frequencies Link
  Time Sheets Link
  Transfer Guidelines Link
  Transport of Patient Family Members and Belongings Link
  Triage and Transport of Patients to Facilities Outside of the System Link
  Uniform Code Link
  Unit Inspection Link
  Violence in the Workplace Link
  Visitors at Bases Link
  Weapons Policy Link

  Access Inspect and Copy Link
  Accountability Policy Link
  Amendment of PHI Link
  Minimum Necessary Link
  Notice and Consent Link
  Special Situations Link
  Staff Member Verification Link
  Acceptance for Amend to PHI Letter Link
  Authorization to Disclose Health Information
  Denial for Amendment to PHI Link
  Denial for Access to PHI Link
  Patient Request for Access of PHI Form
  Law Enforcement Release of Information Link
  Accounting Request Form Link
  Restriction Request Form Link
  Request for Amended PHI Form Link